Akiva Orr

Born in Berlin (1931). After Nazis came to power (1933) emigrated with his parents to Palestine(1934).
Served in the "Haganah" (1946-1948) and later in the IDF (1948-1950)as seaman on the frigate K-28.
Leaving the IDF in 1950 he joined the Israeli merchant navy as a seaman (1950-1955).
Participated in the Seamen's strike of 1951. Following the strike joined the Israeli CP,
Left the navy to study Maths/Physics at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem(1955-58). Acted as Secretary of the CP Science Students' cell. After criticizing the Party for lack of democracy he left and expelled from the CP in 1962.
With other comrades expelled from the CP he helped to found the New Left group MATZPEN(1962).
Politically active non-stop till today (see his recent talk to ISM activists - 'Always with the oppressed' - at the AIC centre in Bet-Sahur on 17/6/2008)

Akiva Orr   Akiva Orr   Akiva Orr        
Demo in Tel-Aviv against the Nuclear weapon   Always with the oppressed   The Communist Party in the 50's        

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